Stealing and Retrieving

Stealing and Retrieving other clubs' banners is a fun way to encourage dancers to travel to other clubs. To successfully steal a banner, a full square (8 persons) must travel to another club (two participants can be borrowed from another club). When several clubs show up to steal a banner, a drawing is used to determine which club gets to steal. Once the banner is stolen, the donating club must travel to the stealing club's dance with a full square to retrieve it. More info: Colorado Square Dance Stealingand Retrieving Guidelines.

Banners waiting to be retrieved!


We went banner stealing 13 times.

Stole a banner 8 times.

We failed to capture 5  times

We retrieved our banner 7 times.

Well done thieves. We have the best club members around town. 

Offers of rides would be appreciated since night-vision problems bother many. One of the Boulder Columbiners (the club closed 3 or 4 years ago) was able to keep dancing until she was 90 because another member went several miles out of her way to give her a ride to each club dance.

Location List  on the Other club lesson and dance info page — By request from a new dancer.