Square Dance Classes 2025

We will start mainstream square dance classes, Thursdays in January.    If you have danced before, join us any Thursday.  If you haven't square danced before, contact Mike or Sue below.

We are expecting a good class of dancers.

Instructor:  Mike Olivieri   (303) 489-0407 (Cell)

E-mail:  sdcallerco@earthlink.net


We would love to hear from you if you are interested in Square Dancing!!

CALL  Sue  Bell at 303-655-8146  Class Coordinator

Why Square dancing? 

What IS PREVENTING YOU from experiencing Square Dancing?

Make new friends while you ...  1. Learn a life-long skill  2. Exercise  3. Have an affordable date night  4. Work your body and brain 5. Dance in a stress-free environment   6. Have loads of fun doing it.   7. Dance in comfortable clothing (informal attire). (there is NO Square Dance dress code!)  **AND**  8. It's super family-friendly: kids -- 8 to 88 yrs -- can learn to square dance. (Note: Many halls have very nice WOOD FLOORS)

Join our winter 2025 classes.  Let us know if you are interested.

 *** TRY our Fun, Friendly activity!!  Call or email us for information and give it a try!!  subish@aol.com or lbot49@gmail.com

***BONUS: Your first session is free.

*** Have you square danced before?  Talk to us!! You may not have to repeat ALL of the lessons.  OR drop by, a little before class, and talk to our Caller/Teacher Mike Olivieri.  

Day: Thursday Nights

Time: 7 PM to 9 PM starting January 9th, 2025

What: Square Dance Class to learn to dance (mainstream level).

Where: Broomfield Crescent Grange 7901 W. 120th Avenue, Broomfield, Colorado 80020 

Wear: Comfortable shoes

Bring: A water bottle

Cost: Typically $10 per night per person   (Under Review)

Singles and Families welcome.

Instructor: Mike Olivieri 

Makeup Sessions: If you miss a lesson that is OK.  Mike will review  prior week's moves as we go along.


Class Coordinator:  Sue

For additional information please contact Sue at 303-655-8146 or subish@aol.com 

******Please stay tuned to this page for class details!!*****

Here is a link if you would like to review the calls: 


TIPS for new dancers from Roberta:

Here are a few tips for beginning dancers at Mainstream dances. Some of these suggestions come directly from teachers whose classes I have been in over the years. Some are from other dancers or from my own experience.

Try to get in squares with helpful dancers. Sometimes you might try to arrange a square in advance of the tip. (Spread around your requests so as not to ask the same people all the time!) 

Hold hands with the person next to you whenever possible.

Keep a tight (smaller) square.

If you are sides, pay attention to what the heads are told to do. They often get calls first. Watch and you will get an idea of what you might have to do later.

Swings, twirls, hip bumps, and other flourishes take time and can be disorienting. Sometimes it is better to skip them.

Make lines when the square breaks down. Then the caller can see that you have broken down and call appropriately. (It’s faster if guys just take the nearest girl rather than try to find their original partner.)

Protect yourself! Indicate or tell others what is best for you. If you don’t want to swing, go directly into promenade position. If you have delicate hands and wrists (like me!), pull your hand back when vigorous high 5s and handshakes come your way.

Guys (and women like me who dance the lead position) should make a mental note of where home is — before EACH dance. If you get confused, home is often where you should end up.

(From Bill) Move to the position where you think you should be and stand there; don't keep changing the direction you are facing. If you are facing the wrong way, hopefully someone will reorient you.