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New Members

2017-2018 Square Dance Class Graduation 

7 graduates joined our club as well as a round dancing wife! Many thanks to Sue for coordinating, Mike and Brian Nolde for instructing, the many angels who helped, and Ed and Elvira Glenn who provided the dance hall. Be sure to welcome our new members when you see them!


Brian Nolde - instructor, Deb, Joy, Chris, Pat, Wayne, Virginia, Susan, Troy, Mike - instructor. Not in picture: Peggy, Ellen

2016-2017 Square Dance Class Graduation February 16, 2017 photo by Barbara

Instructor Mike Olivieri, Larry O., Jean, Virginia, Charles, Elva, Gayle, Chris H., Tasha, Lynette, Sherman. In front, Joy, Joan, Camille. Not pictured: Don, Jennifer