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Louisville Labor Day Parade 9/4/17
We took 2nd place in the Cheer/Dance/Drill category. We had a wonderful turnout, danced all the way thru the parade with Bill Heiny calling and Gene, June, Bill, Cheryl, Joan, Linda, Chris, Sonja and Camille dancing.  Warren and Barb and Hilton and Jenny passed out several hundred invitations to our lessons.  The crowd went WILD!
Good job all!   Linda B

Boulder International Dance Festival June 16

Picture show of Tom and Jerry Dance April 28, 2017:  Click here  (Many thanks to Ron for sharing)

Potato Dance January 20, 2017
June, Aggie, Sonja and Joan enjoy some potatoes after the Hot Potato Tip.  photos by Brenda
Christmas Party 12/11/2016
(photo by Marie, editing by Roberta)
more pics
Black Friday 11/25/2016 (all photos by Marie)
Norm and Nancy
Barb and Warren
Veteran's Day (all photos by Marie)

Caller Dan Preedy, Barb, Pearl and Pres. Norm celebrate Pearl's 70th year of square dancing!
Janet and Steve
Beverly and JC
June and Gene

Jen and Hilton

Rick and Rose, Tori and ? (Hilltoppers?) Deanna, Paul (Rocky Tops), Sonja and Chris

Halloween Dance 2016
\Rose Rick Joan Marie
Rick and Rose, Joan and Marie at the Halloween Dance 2016. Photo by Marie

Clowns and Big Top performers promoting the June 2017 Colorado State “Big Top Swing in 17”
Square Dance Festival at the September 28, 2016 Hix n Chix dance. L to R: Elvira, Graig, Janine, Jim, Jen, Fran,June, Jim, Jen, Fran, June, Nancy, Norm, Kathi, Hilton (front row), Gene, Deanna, Mindy, Warren, Barb, Roberta, Darlyce, Darlyce
Photo courtesy of Hilton.

Barb and Warren with the Mystery Bus in the background, Sunday September 27, 2016

Aggie and John B., Barb and Warren, Ron and Ellen at the Mystery Bus Dance (Cheyenne) 
Sunday September 27, 2016

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