December 22 Dance Canceled
Due to lack of an available venue, the December 22 Scootbacks dance has been canceled. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Louisville Labor Day Parade 9/4/17
We took 2nd place in the Cheer/Dance/Drill category. We had a wonderful turnout, danced all the way thru the parade with Bill Heiny calling and Gene, June, Bill, Cheryl, Joan, Linda, Chris, Sonja and Camille dancing.  Warren and Barb and Hilton and Jenny passed out several hundred invitations to our lessons.  The crowd went WILD!
Good job all!   Linda B

Dues ($15.00 per person) are now due. Payment before October 1 would be appreciated! Dues are a real bargain. If you attend all 19 of our dances, you will normally pay an additional $2 per dance as a non-member, or $38 total. Even if you attend only 8 dances, you will be ahead financially as a member of the club. Additionally, membership entitles you to come to our Christmas party and other social events during the year. And there's no denying that the Scootbacks have the coolest name tags in Denver!

Did you know that square dancing is the official folk dance of Colorado?  Did you know that square dancers dance to a variety of music, including, but not limited to, Big Band, Classical, Rock and Roll, Disco, 50’s, and Country music?  If you answered no, you just learned something new about square dancing.  

Scootbacks is a mainstream and plus modern square dance and round dance club. We normally dance on the 2nd and 4th Fridays from September through April. On 5th Fridays, we have an all plus dance. This season we continue our dancing until May 11th, 2018.
We begin each evening with pre-rounds at 7:30 PM (7:15 when Becky, Dave or John cue). Our square dance program begins at 8 PM, with one round dance between each square dance tip. Usually, the third tip is plus. Please see the calendar below for a schedule of our dances.

Our dances are held at the Broomfield United Methodist Church, located at 545 West 10th Ave., Broomfield, CO 80020. We dance in the church’s Family Life Center, which is accessible from the northeast side of the parking lot. Refreshments are always provided along with coffee and lots of cool water.

Singles, couples, families, and youth are always welcome at our dances.
For more information please call us at 855 SQDANCE (855 773-2623).
Upcoming dances can be viewed on the calendar below or on our dance schedule page.

Scootbacks Dance Calendar

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