Dance Classes

Scootbacks is hosting a Community Folk Dance! Saturday, September 24, 2022, 1 to 3 PM

If you can walk, you can dance!! Lots of fun, FREE refreshments!

casual (2 left feet okay).

Sponsored by Scootbacks & other clubs at Broomfield United Methodist Church (BUMC),

545 W 10th Ave, Bromfield CO 80020

use NE entrance.

Just west of Broomfield High

For more info: Sue Bell 303-263-7978 or

or Mike Olivieri - 303-489-0407

See the HOME PAGE for a photo of the BUMC site. Enter the building using the NE entrance. HOWEVER, vehicles enter the parking lot from the south entrance.

ANY Square Dance club is welcome to bring their friends and family members to this dance!! We will NOT steal your dancers!! Bring them! Give them a ride to this dance. Then, take them back to YOUR class or lessons!!

Mainstream Square Dance INSTRUCTION (classes) will start Thursday September 22nd in Glenn's Den, 10178 Empire Drive, Lafayette, CO 80026. That's located East of Louisville on the extension of Pine Street. The class will meet Thursdays at 7 pm.

We are expecting a good class of dancers this fall.

Call Mike Olivieri (303) 489-0407 E-mail:

Hello future, current and recent dancers...

If any of you want to take refresher classes or have friends who might want to start learning how to square dance, now is the time to start planning for September 22, 2022 lessons.

We will host mainstream square dance lessons starting Thursday, Sept 22 in Glenn's Den. Contact Sue Bell 303-655-8146.

Mike Olivieri (303) 489-0407 cell - E-mail: is again offering his talents as an excellent teacher.

I think there are a lot of dancers out there who WANT to dance, but don't feel quite "good enough" yet. Come on back and bring a friend and Mike will have you dancing in no time. Who knows? Mike might even have a reduced rate for second and third-timers :-)

Lessons on Thursday nights at Glenn's Den, 10178 Empire Rd, Lafayette, CO 80026. starting Sept 22nd. Fall is not quite in the air yet. Still, plan to come to the COMMUNITY FOLK Dance to meet Mike (our teacher) & try some dancing, including Square Dancing!

OFF (DARK) DATES: We will very likely NOT have class on Thanksgiving week & take a week or 2 off around Christmas. Schedule and dates may be changed as needed.

Class Coordinator: Sue Bell

For additional information please contact Sue at 303-655-8146 or