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Pearl Colvin fall

Pearl has not fully recovered. She is now settled in an apartment in Arvada. She can be reached at:

Pearl Colvin 

Gardens Care Homes

6882 Garland Street

Arvada, CO 80004

New telephone number: (303) 317-5096

2017-2018 Square Dance Class Graduates March 1
All 7 graduates joined our club as well as a round dancing wife. Many thanks to Sue for coordinating, Mike and Brian Nolde for instructing, the many angels who helped, and Ed and Elvira Glenn who provided the dance hall. Be sure to welcome our new members when you see them!

Brian Nolde - instructor, Deb, Joy, Chris (oh no, another one!), Pat, Wayne, Virginia, Susan, Troy, Mike - instructor. Not in picture: Peggy, Ellen

News from the Denver Square and Round Dance Council

  1. For square dancers planning to attend USA West Convention in August, Ridge Runners have discovered that Amtrack has an overnight round trip tickets to Reno for $250.00 per couple.  They are looking into getting a group rate for even less money.  The Festival hotel has a shuttle from the train station.
  2. There are new USDA Insurance forms on the state website.  Insurance applications will be rejected if we use the older forms.
  3. Starting May 1st, If dancers participate in five Council or club sponsored demo dances in the next 12 months, they will earn a STAR dangle with the year printed on it.
  4. The Fun Friendship and Fame Dance was quite well attended.
  5. Council has decided to reinstate Valentine dances.  Clubs overwhelmingly supported that decision.
  6. Denver Council has Square Dancing license plate frames available.  Jim Taylor and Ron Amsberry are selling them for $5.00 each.  If our club places an order for at least 10 we can get them for $4.00 each.
  7. The Council budget has been running in the red for several years and the proposed 2018-19 budget appears to also in the red.  The new budget will be approved at the June Council meeting.
  8. You can help to balance the budget by registering for the Colorado Square Dance Festival.  Half the proceeds of the festival go to our council.  You will have a great time dancing to great callers on dance flooring at the Crowne Plaza Convention Center, June 8 -1o.  See: 

Jerry Gilbreath called our May 11, 2017 dance

Jerry Gilbreath of Albuquerque called a great dance to close out our season.  Jerry will be one of the featured callers at the Colorado State Square Dance Festival June 8-10th in Denver. Don't hesitate to sign up for the festival, you won't be sorry.
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