Square Dance Classes

Next class: September 2018 - Starting date added.
Our 2018-2019 "Mainstream" classes will start on Thursday, September 13, 2018. (See the History page for more info on levels of Square Dancing.) at Glenn's Den, 10178 Empire Rd. in Lafayette.

Note from Kathi our class coordinator:
Below is also a copy of the flyer for Beginning Round Dance Lessons with Blue Nova. Please share that as well. 


Kathi  (Square Dancer, Round Dancer, Contra, and whatever I decide to try next!)

Check the Other club class and dance info page for other opportunities. In particular, the NEST program offers classes year around, with start and finish set by the student.

For additional information please contact Kathi at (720) 890-4313, toll free 855 SQDANCE (855 773-2623) or

Here is a link if you would like to review the calls: http://www.videosquaredancelessons.com/lessons/#mainstream

TIPS for new dancers from Roberta

Here are a few tips for beginning dancers at Mainstream dances. Some of these suggestions come directly from teachers whose classes I have been in over the years. Some are from other dancers or from my own experience.

Try to get in squares with helpful dancers. Sometimes you might try to arrange a square in advance of the tip. (Spread around your requests so as not to ask the same people all the time!) 

Hold hands with the person next to you whenever possible.

Keep a tight square.

If you are sides, pay attention to what the heads are told to do. They often get calls first. Watch and you will get an idea of what you might have to do later.

Swings, twirls, hip bumps and other flourishes take time and can be disorienting. Sometimes it is better to skip them.

Make lines when the square breaks down. Then the caller can see that you have broken down and call appropriately. (It’s faster if guys just take the nearest girl rather than try to find their original partner.)

Protect yourself! Indicate or tell others what is best for you. If you don’t want to swing, go directly into promenade position. If you have delicate hands and wrists (like me!), pull your hand back when vigorous high 5s and handshakes come your way.

Guys (and women like me who dance the lead position) should make a mental note of where home is — before EACH dance. If you get confused, home is often where you should end up.

(From Bill) Move to the position where you think you should be and stand there; don't keep changing the direction you are facing. If you are facing the wrong way, hopefully someone will reorient you. 


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Aug 11, 2017, 3:33 PM